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Amanda J Armstrong
Abstract Paintings
Wild FLower copy.jpg

As the mountain temperatures begin to rise, my paint studio springs back to life. Within the walls of my creative space, I immerse myself in the creation of commissioned abstract paintings for clients around the world. My passion for vibrant color and floral motifs is palpable in every brushstroke. For me, the abstract form provides an unparalleled sense of freedom, allowing my thoughts to flow freely without restraint.

Large painting of a peony abstract style
Customized artwork tailored to your unique preferences and space is just a commission away! With this exclusive process, you can receive a one-of-a-kind masterpiece perfectly aligned with your desired style and color palette. Rest assured that your commission will be created with the same mediums and techniques that have made my art so special. For further details, continue reading about the commission process.
flora water sm.jpg
Abstract Tulip floral painting
  • Initially, I will provide you with a questionnaire to gather more information about your project requirements. We can discuss it over a chat, arrange a meeting (if feasible), or you can conveniently fill it out and send it back to me via email - whichever option suits you the most.

  • As soon as we reach a mutual understanding regarding the brief and budget, the journey of creativity shall commence!

  • To begin with, I shall create a preliminary sketch that provides a basic impression of the painting's overall appearance. Following this, I will forward it to you for discussion and review.

  • Upon your approval, I shall commence the painting process and keep you updated with progress reports to ensure that the direction taken is to your satisfaction and that you remain emotionally invested in your unique piece.

  • After completion, I will furnish you with a picture of the painting, and upon receiving your approval, I will sign and varnish it.
  • Prior to arranging delivery of your unique work of art, I kindly request that full payment is made.
In order to ensure a smooth transaction process, I kindly ask for a 30% payment to be made upfront, with the remaining 70% to be paid upon completion of the artwork.

As each commission is tailored specifically to your preferences, my fees are slightly higher than those listed for the paintings on my website. Crafting a personalized piece requires more time and attention to detail, which justifies the difference in price.

After the artwork is finished, and with your consent, the outstanding 70% payment will be due within a 7-day timeframe.

While I am able to create custom-sized paintings, I have provided a selection of frequently requested sizes and their corresponding prices as a helpful reference.

20 x 20  $400
20 x 30  $430
24 x 32  $525
40 x 40  $800
40 x 60  $900

Please note that not all prices reflect shipping. Most sizes can be shipped via USPS.  Oversized and international not included. Shipping/Delivery finalized during the discovery stage!
Typically, I require a time frame of 4-5 weeks to finalize a commission, taking into consideration my workload and prior engagements. The period includes additional time after the work is completed for sealing, varnishing, and allowing it to dry before delivering it to its new owner. However, should you have a particular deadline in mind, kindly inform me, and I'll endeavor to be as flexible as possible. The duration is also subject to the number of milestones required and the amount of modifications needed, both during the initial designs and the painting itself. Consequently, it is best to approach the process with an open mind and without strict deadlines, but rather work towards a tentative completion date.
Sketches of paintings for clients commissions painting

Current and previous sketches of clients' custom paintings. 





Agree & Brief

Brain Storm 

Create Sketch



& Drying

Should you choose to cancel the commission at any point after the brief has been confirmed, the 30% deposit will be forfeited. Furthermore, if I have already finished the artwork, I reserve the right to sell it to the general public. It should be noted that Amanda J Armstrong retains copyright and reproduction rights, allowing me to sell print reproductions of the piece, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to keep the artwork completely original and not have any prints available for sale, an additional $250 will be added to the cost. Finally, please note that Amanda J Armstrong may promote and advertise the commissioned work.

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