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Amanda J Armstrong
Earth & Fiber Artworks

Amanda Armstrong is a multifaceted artist and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in fine art photography, mixed media, and wood carving. With her exceptional eye for detail and passion for the arts, Amanda has captured international attention with her large-format abstract florals and mixed media pieces, featured in multiple international magazines and sold worldwide. In addition to her art, Amanda has a passion for sports photography, particularly boxing, having been a ringside photographer for ESPN's Top Rank Boxing and covering fights for major networks such as HBO and Showtime. Amanda's deep respect for nature and commitment to sustainability is reflected in her use of organic materials such as antlers and skulls from local wildlife in her handwoven wall hangings and her sourcing of luxury fibers from local alpaca and camel farms for her mixed media pieces. Amanda's entrepreneurial spirit has also led her to own and manage her mountaintop ranch, where she raises fowl and sustainably harvests wood for her wood carving creations. She has pursued various educational avenues including Fine Art, Fine Art Photography, Therapeutic Arts, CBT, Nutritional Sciences, Business Management, Behavior Change Specialization, MMA Conditioning Specialization, and Nutrition, Diet, and Health Sciences. Amanda currently lives in Southern Colorado on her homestead with her family, focusing on her art and her passion for environmental conservation and community-building in her tight-knit mountain community.

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Cover of House and Garden magazine, decor
Cover of House and Garden Magazine
Cover of house and garden magazine, decor

Amanda, a skilled custom artist, has garnered global recognition through numerous features in print and online publications around the world.

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