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Felted Wool Bowls and Vessels | Handcrafted Loom Wool Creations

Elevate your space with our 100% Wool Felted Vessels, inspired by Scandinavian design principles of simplicity and functionality. Handmade on our mountain homestead, each vessel boasts a minimalistic color palette of black and grey, adding a touch of modern elegance to any room.

These versatile pieces serve as stylish decor accents, catch-alls for keys or trinkets, or even as vases for your favorite blooms. Whether your decor leans towards minimalism or maximalism, these wool felted bowls and vessels seamlessly complement any style, adding a cozy yet contemporary feel to your home.

Fiber & vessels have moved to The Eagles Nest Merchantile in Eagles Nest, New Mexico. New inventory will be listed here as they become available.

Eagles Nest Mercantile

170 E Therma St, Eagle Nest, NM 87718

The Eagles Nest Mercantile on Facebook

Below are some of the fiber art available at The Eagles Nest Mercantile!

(575) 312-9801

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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