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Your thoughts?

Yie-yah! Where do I begin?

One massive move and life change right before the holidays, and now we are here!

With big change comes even bigger inspiration. I have a new abundance of natural sources that have altered the path of my creations (in the best way possible, of course). And I am itching to share all the things with you.

I know I have been teasing my Spring launch, but I am just waiting on a couple of "things" first. But you can help with one of those "things" today!

My question to you... where would you like to see, get, and order the things you love?

I have my first Spring market in Salida in May, and there will be a few items locally available in stores in Trinidad. I will also offer current supply online (if any) for purchase (or commissioned).

That leads me to also ask you about possible private shopping visits up the mountain in Boncarbo! This is where you can see, or get custom pretty much anything. Also shop items that are not on the website. My land is located just 30 minutes from Trinidad, up a rather steep "switch-backy" mountain. You would meet me at the mail boxes then I will escort you up. The cabin shop & studio is "rustic", meaning its heated my a tin can stove, and if you are familiar with the area, its sandy, and dusty... as I said, rustic! (LOL) When the nights get warmer, I will add the camper for way more wine & whiskey fueled fire pit nights!

So what are your thoughts! Please feel free to be totally selfish, you prefer online from home, that's perfectly good. You want first dibs from inside the shop in person, that's great! I am just happy making and arting, and you loving it.
Reply to this email (for subscribers) or comment below, and let me know.

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