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Swap Party; Clothing and Fabric!

This Friday is another swap party! We are asking you to please bring seasonal appropriate items! Feel free to drop them by sooner so we can have them organized for you for a better swap experience.

Also bring a sharable snack to enjoy with your new friends!

Here is the link to the Event Page.

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In addition to visiting online thrift shops, throwing a garment swap party will lessen textile waste and give your ethical wardrobe a touch of vintage flair. Not only is a clothing swap a ton of fun, but it also has some fantastic environmental advantages, which we shall discuss in more detail later. What a fantastic way to organize your closet without creating much waste!

A swap party with friends is much more enjoyable than a yard sale with strangers, in addition to being more affordable, environmentally responsible, and a good reason to clean out your wardrobe.

Bring clean items in good shape (i.e., no worn-out exercise shorts or a Scrabble set without the letter Q). Please bring an extra tote bag so that people can carry their treasures home.

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Since it takes a whopping 7,000 liters of water to make one pair of jeans and nearly 3,000 liters to make one cotton t-shirt, changing our clothes helps conserve natural resources. There is a significant carbon footprint involved in producing new jeans and t-shirts since so much cotton needs to be produced, harvested, colored, sewed, and exported. We adore companies who produce organic cotton t-shirts and eco-friendly jeans since they utilize less water and significantly less chemicals than conventional cotton does.

We produce more clothing than ever before, and the majority of unethical fashion firms create more than fifty-two seasons' worth of apparel each year. Fast fashion and textile waste go hand in hand. We understand that you want the newest, hottest trend at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, that low price has a significant impact on the environment and the workers who make our clothing.

The existing manufacturing and supply networks, which use cheap labor, lax labor laws, and little to no environmental regulations, are one of the main problems with fast fashion. All of these aspects have a significant impact on how those who produce our clothing are treated; many of them are women, BICPOC, and without a legal foundation.

swap party, clothing swap, southern colorado, trinidad colorado, events

With inflation and soaring costs for everything from food to clothing to gas. Your money will be saved because a garment swap party is free! Three excellent techniques to ensure a more sustainable closet are to share, borrow, and trade.

By switching, we can prolong the life of our clothing and update our wardrobe in a more environmentally friendly manner. This might be your chance to get your hands (or feet) on those red boots that BFF has been coveting. You will especially like getting a fresh new set of lightly used items that are now brand-new to you.

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