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So what makes a wooden bowl—something so basic—so amazing?

I believe that wooden bowls' innate beauty plays a role in some of it. I have produced a collection of handmade wooden bowls that we are really delighted to share by fusing the many advantages of wooden cookware with our own distinctive approach to bowl carving. Our selection is gorgeous and environmentally friendly.

My wooden bowls have several inherent advantages, the first of which is that they are handcrafted. Each bowl is handmade at my workshop in Bon Carbo, Colorado, making each one distinctive with one-of-a-kind patterns.

Even though all wood is renewable and biodegradable, I go above and above to make my bowls sustainable. I utilize recycled wood from our tree processing service that is locally produced. These logs are saved from the wood chip pile and given new life as stunning works of art for your home.

I also create a line of charcuterie boards and handmade wooden bowls. You can confidently utilize such handmade wooden bowls and cutting boards. My entire line of wood treatments is entirely natural and kosher. Using wood can help you avoid eating any microscopic fragments that may come off of plastic dishware.

Wooden bowls are advantageous in so many ways since they are simple to maintain. With the correct maintenance, they will last for many years.

See some of my past collections, and upcoming collections HERE. Keep up with the process and all the other creations HERE.

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