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From Juniper to Gemstones: The Making of My Signature Decor Bowl

The Creation Process of My Signature Decor Bowl: From Juniper to Gemstones

woman in wood working

As a woman in woodworking nestled in the rural mountains of southern Colorado, I find immense joy in creating unique and high-quality wood bowls that double as exquisite decor pieces for any home. From the power carving method to incorporating local gemstones, each step in the creation process is a labor of love that culminates in the birth of my signature Decor Bowls.

Embracing My Path as a Woman in Woodworking

In this often male-dominated field of woodworking, my journey as a woman has been filled with unique challenges and triumphs. Every carve, cut, and polish I perform is not just an act of creating something beautiful; it's a declaration of the strength and creativity inherent in the feminine spirit. Embracing my identity in this space has allowed me to infuse my work with a sense of warmth and personal touch that resonates deeply with those who encounter my pieces.

The path hasn’t always been easy. There have been moments of doubt, where the grain seemed too tough, the tools too foreign, but it's in these moments that my resolve as a craftswoman was forged. Through perseverance, I’ve found a rhythm in the chaos, a harmony between the buzz of the power tools and the gentle caress of sandpaper on wood. This journey has taught me the importance of patience, of giving myself grace, and understanding that every piece of wood, much like every woman, has its unique strengths and stories.

My experience in woodworking is a testament to the power of resilience and the beauty of embracing one's path with courage and open-hearted passion. It’s a reminder that creativity knows no gender and that the art of creation is a universal language that speaks to the soul. As I stand in my workshop, surrounded by the scent of sawdust and the beauty of emerging bowls, I am reminded of why I started this journey. It's not just about making something with my hands; it's about making a statement, about leaving a mark, and about inspiring others to find their voice in the whisper of the woods.

cracked wood slices

The Magic of Power Carving and Imported Carbide Tools

Delving into the intricate world of wood crafting, I’ve discovered a profound connection between the artist and their medium through the magic of power carving. This process, a dance between human intention and the natural will of the wood, is greatly enhanced by the precision and reliability of imported carbide tools. These tools, chosen for their unparalleled strength and durability, enable me to sculpt and shape the wood with a level of detail that was once beyond my reach.

The power carving method is not just about removing bits of wood to reveal a form; it’s about revealing the soul of the piece, allowing the wood’s natural beauty and character to shine through. With each pass of the carbide tools, the grain, the texture, and the essence of the wood become more pronounced, telling a story that only nature could write.

These tools are my trusted companions in the creative process, allowing for the transformation of a raw, rugged piece of sustainably harvested wood into a refined and elegant decor bowl. The precision they afford is critical in the delicate task of incorporating local gemstones into the wood, a process that requires both a gentle hand and a confident stroke.

The journey from a simple block of wood to a piece of art is a testament to the harmony between technology and tradition, between imported tools and local materials. It’s a reminder that, in the world of woodworking, the right tools can elevate a craft into an art form, turning visions of beauty into tangible reality.

scrap pile of wood, sustainable

Sustainably Harvested Wood: The Heart of My Creations

At the essence of every bowl I craft lies a deep commitment to sustainability and ethical stewardship of the natural resources that surround me in the serene mountains of southern Colorado. The wood that serves as the canvas for my creations is carefully selected from my own forest, where I practice mindful harvesting techniques that ensure the preservation and health of the woodland ecosystem. This thoughtful approach allows the forest to continue to thrive and regenerate, providing a sustainable source of beauty and inspiration for my work.

Choosing sustainably harvested wood is more than an ethical decision; it imbues each of my Decor Bowls with a deeper significance. It means that every piece not only represents a fragment of nature's artistry but also carries forward the legacy of respect for the environment that nurtured it. The textures, colors, and unique characteristics of the wood tell a story of resilience, growth, and the passage of time, connecting the owner of each bowl to the majestic landscapes from which they came.

This connection to nature and dedication to sustainability shapes the soul of my creations. The wood, with its inherent beauty and strength, becomes a vessel through which I express my artistry and share the natural splendor of the Colorado mountains. Each curve, knot, and grain pattern in the wood is a testament to the cycles of life that sustain us, and through my hands, these elements are transformed into timeless pieces of decor that speak to the heart of sustainable living.

Carved bread bowl from juniper, red wood, false cedar.

The Beauty of Juniper: Crafting My "Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie" Bowls

The allure of Juniper wood, with its vibrant red hues reminiscent of the lush strawberries and rich rhubarb found in a homemade pie, is what breathes life into my "Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie" bowls. These bowls, born from the heart of the False Cedar, capture the essence of nature's palette in a form that is both functional and strikingly beautiful. As I select each piece of Juniper from the forest, I'm not just looking for material—I'm searching for a story. The wood whispers tales of resilience and renewal, stories that I'm honored to translate through my craftsmanship.

Crafting these bowls involves a delicate balance of respecting the natural beauty of the wood while coaxing out its hidden potential. The red hues are not merely a color; they are a character, defining each bowl with a personality that is bold yet refined. This process of transformation, from a raw, untamed piece of wood to a polished bowl adorned with the warmth of red, is a journey of discovery. Through the use of my trusted carbide tools, I'm able to reveal the subtle textures and gradients that make each "Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie" bowl a masterpiece of natural art.

In these bowls, the beauty of Juniper is not just seen but felt. They carry within them the spirit of the mountains, the whispers of the forest, and the artistry of hands guided by passion and precision. Every bowl is an invitation to bring a piece of the natural world into one’s home, a reminder of the serene and rugged landscapes from which they came.

carved pine bowl, wood decor crack filled with gems

A Touch of the Earth: Incorporating Local Gems

In the heart of the rural mountains of southern Colorado, the earth yields treasures that are both stunning and unique. It is from this rugged terrain that I source the local gemstones, each with its own story to tell, to adorn my Decor Bowls. This process, inspired by the ancient art of kintsugi, transforms what many might see as imperfections in the wood into markers of unparalleled beauty and strength. Rather than masking these flaws, I highlight them, filling and decorating the natural cracks and crevices with sparkling gems that catch the light and captivate the eye.

This meticulous incorporation of local gemstones does more than just enhance the aesthetic appeal of each bowl; it weaves the essence of the Colorado landscape into the very fabric of my work. Every gemstone, carefully selected and thoughtfully placed, serves as a bridge between the raw elegance of nature and the refined beauty of artistic expression. It is a testament to the resilience of both the natural world and the human spirit, celebrating the imperfect perfection that defines our existence. Through this harmonious blend of wood and stone, my bowls not only tell a story of environmental stewardship and artistic innovation but also bring a touch of the earth’s inherent majesty into the spaces we call home.

Pine bowl, carved and filled with gems and minerals

From My Hands to Your Home: The Journey of a Decor Bowl

Embarking on the creation of each Decor Bowl is a deeply personal endeavor for me, weaving together the essence of nature and the intimacy of craftsmanship. Through every step, from the gentle selection of sustainably harvested wood to the intricate addition of local gems, each bowl is a narrative of passion, dedication, and artistic integrity. It’s a process that not only transforms raw material into a piece of exquisite decor but also imprints part of my spirit into the wood and stone. When one of these bowls finds its way into your home, it does more than just occupy space. It brings with it a legacy of environmental respect, a touch of the wild Colorado landscape, and a connection to the heart of an artist who cherishes the beauty of the natural world and the magic of creation.

Starting on June 7th, you can find these bowls at The Eagles Nest Mercantile during First Friday!

The Eagles Nest Mercantile

170 E Therma St, Eagle Nest, NM 87718

Event Link:

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