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Discover the Magic of Fiber Art

Fiber art, a collection of wall art, wall weave, fiber bowls and skull  art
My collection is available at Pack Mule Mercantile, 130 E. Main St. Trinidad Colorado

It's late March, and here I am, still longing for the winter to release my mountain homestead from its chilly embrace. The snow's stubborn hold makes my heart yearn for the days when my surroundings will bloom into the vibrant palette of spring, releasing the natural canvases and workshops that are hidden beneath.

My paint studio, a sanctuary for my most vivid dreams and creations, awaits its transformation, yearning for the renovation to breathe new life into its walls. My woodworking area remains concealed under a blanket of snow, ice, and mud, its tools silent and awaiting the warmth of my hands. Faced with these limitations, I've found myself relegated to the humble beginnings of creation at my kitchen table. Yet, this constraint has serendipitously pushed me deeper into the realm of fiber art, a domain where my imagination roams free and my fingers dance with textures and colors.

Fiber art, a collection of wall art, wall weave, fiber bowls and skull  art

I've recently embraced an eclectic mix of fibers into my creative toolbox, the newest additions being bison and banana fiber! These join my cherished collection of camel, alpaca, and sheep wool, broadening the horizon of textures at my fingertips and sparking endless opportunities for innovation. There's something truly magical about weaving these different fibers together, creating pieces that speak the language of texture, warmth, and comfort.

One of my most cherished innovations lately has been the creation of fiber vessels. These pieces transcend the traditional bounds of fiber art, bringing a new dimension of 3D creativity that seems to leap from the walls onto your very table. Starting with a wool base, I adorn these vessels with various fibers to splash them with color and intrigue. And, in true fashion of my art, these creations cross the lines between mediums. I've found that integrating driftwood into these pieces adds a stunning, natural element that echoes the stories of rivers and tides.

Fiber art, a collection of wall art, wall weave, fiber bowls and skull  art

Now, I'm gearing up to expand my collection with more felted stone jewelry, envisioning more beautiful wearable art that intertwines the natural with the crafted. Each piece is a journey, a narrative woven from the heart of the earth through my hands, destined to adorn the lives of those who feel its call.

To my fellow art enthusiasts, I share these snippets of my journey not just as a window into my creative world, but as an invitation to explore the depth and breadth of what fiber art, and art as a whole, can offer. It's a testament to how, even when faced with constraints and delays, creativity finds a way to blossom, cross boundaries, and touch our lives in the most unexpected and beautiful ways.

a close up picture of a leaf covered with ice in black and white

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