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Cottage meets Mountain

Hi friends, and welcome to my Adorned Forest. Some of you know, but some of you are just finding me. Since there was a lot going on with big moves, and markets, it was physically impossible to do a launch. So instead I am doing the slow-roll. I will be slowly adding a few things to the shop that I can keep accessible while still packing and moving.

Green grass meadow in the pine mountains of Colorado
My meadow!

Adorned Forest is my magical homes set on 61 acres of land in the Southern Colorado Mountains. There I reside in a cottage with my family and an entire cabin dedicated to my studio. I have left the glamourous world of art galleries and world travel behind to start this journey. In the next few months I will be renovating the cabin,( it was previously a work shop) and not as cozy and clean as it needs to be!

Vintage firetruck parked at a mountain home
This is my vintage firetruck, I haven't named him yet.

What is most important to me, I am creating what I want, where my heart is. I am a little bit cottage and a little bit mountain. That's about as close of a definition I can get! Inspired by big bold blooms from my home in England, and rustic Colorado nature, some how does live in harmony in my soul.

By Spring/Summer of 2022 I am hoping the cabin will be ready for client visits. This also means camping! Overnight artist experiences will soon be offered. You will have a private tour and shopping experience in the studio, Jeep tour of the land and an overnight camping experience (optional). *Disclaimer: yes this is bear country, yes we have a friend that visits. We have lots of dangerous wildlife including rattle snakes ( on average less than one a year encountered). This is Colorado! SO camping means, at your own risk, and I/we the homestead is not liable. Again, it's Colorado!

The original outhouse, I have not gained access to it yet because I need to pry it open. Its missing it doorknob... I find this SUS! Now I want to know what's in the box!!

This next few months I will be sharing this journey, and most often it will be comedy. This city girl has to put her big girl overalls on, leather gloves and start hammering out all the things. All at the same time balancing life, kids and art.

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