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Charcuterie boards, what's your style?

The weather is getting warmer, and its time to take the party outside. The no-fuss charcuterie boards are a great way to entertain may folk. But is it no-fuss? I seem to be watching this trend reach a very elevated level to the point where it has become almost intimidating. Well ignore all that, and check out some simple ideas.

The art of the charcuterie board lies in choosing the items on it, not in its intricate design or the intricacy of the options chosen by social media rather than by cheese or charcuterie connoisseurs.

Beyond the country of origin of the cheeses and meats, a warm greeting from the host and the discourse of a convivial gathering of friends or family members will leave a lasting impression.


Make a balanced charcuterie board using these six suggestions, which could include one or two items from each of these categories:


Start with matured cheeses such as Parmesan, Pecorino, Cheddar, and Gouda. Embrace smoked, salty almonds. even potato chips or butter crackers!


Although cornichons are the traditional choice, kimchi or dilly beans will also work. any vegetable or onion that has been pickled. When using a hot salsa, think outside the box.


Allow yourself to indulge in soft cheeses like blue or gorgonzola, rich brie or triple sec, goat cheese, flavored butters, or a creamy dip for crudités or potato chips.


Some raw vegetables will be welcome. We enjoy celery sticks with blue cheese for their retro feel and radishes for their crunch.


Of course, slices of bread, crackers, pretzels, tortilla chips, potato chips—whatever will work best as a vessel for your cheeses or dips—are all acceptable.


Fruit that fits the bill here is fresh or dried. pieces of apples, pears, or grapes. dehydrated apricots. nut candies. a spread of jam. For a delicious conclusion, try strawberries covered in chocolate.


While our larger board or Lazy Susan can easily serve a crowd, our cheese and cutting board can serve 6–8 people. When you can set your table with a variety of bowls and boards for a shareable feast, why invest in a large charcuterie board for a single use?

About my charcuterie boards:

My collection of charcuterie boards are made by me on my ranch Grey Fox Ranch in Bon Carbo Colorado elevation 7,500 feet. Each tree is sustainably harvested from our land or donated. Most trees used will be pine, or juniper. Hard woods can be requested, but at an additional cost.

I intuitively design each board according to the wood. Each tree has very unique traits which inspires each charcuterie board.

Many of these board can also be used as serving trays, or décor trays. Which ever serves your mountain home style!

Charcuterie board, vintage Texas star, Pine wood
Texas Star "Galaxy Wood" SOLD OUT -Pre orders available $60

"Galaxy Wood" Vintage inspired cast Iron handles
"Galaxy Wood" Vintage inspired cast Iron handles 1 in store $50

Rustic decor tray charcuterie tray vintage found object horse shoes
Intuitively carved charcuterie tray with vintage found horse shoes found on Grey Fox Ranch. Made to order custom charcuterie boards (vintage found horse shoes are limited) This tray is hand carved with bumps and divets for a unique rustic look. Pre order $60

I am always adding wood product hand carved by me! Keep an eye out on the wood page, or Instagram!

You can also learn more about Grey Fox Ranch here on Instagram. We offer residential wood processing, and homestead products!


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