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Capturing the Spirit of Spring: A Fiber Artist's Journey

Capturing the Spirit of Spring: A Fiber Artist's Journey

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fiber art with this exclusive preview of my latest woven masterpiece! Drawing inspiration from the vibrant forest floor in spring, this upcoming piece is a true celebration of nature's beauty and the artistry of fibers. Stay tuned for its grand reveal!

Close up of hand carved wood beads on a wall weaving.
I added small details, such as hand carved beads.

close up of a alpaca wool woven into wall tapestry

Nestled in the serene and rugged landscapes of the southern border of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, I find my inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds me. Living in this rural haven, I immerse myself in the sights, sounds, and textures of the wilderness, which profoundly influence my work as a fiber artist. 

My artistic journey involves creating intricate weavings and fiber vessels that echo the essence of the environment. Currently, I am embarking on an ambitious project—a wall weave inspired by the forest floor during spring. This piece aims to capture the transformative magic that occurs after the rains when the dry forest floor bursts into a symphony of greens, mosses, and plants. The striking contrast between the almost black, rain-soaked bark of the pines and the deep, nutrient-rich black earth forms the perfect backdrop for the endless variations of green that emerge.

To bring this vision to life, I am using an array of luxurious fibers sourced from sheep, camel, yak, alpaca, and bison. Each fiber's unique texture and character adds depth and dimension to the piece. I take great pride in spinning my own art yarn and dyeing it as needed, ensuring that every strand aligns perfectly with the natural palette and intricate details of the forest floor.

close up of needle felted ra alpaca on a wall tapestry

This wall weave is one of the largest pieces I have undertaken so far, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity to push the boundaries of my craft. As I work, I am reminded of the delicate balance and interconnections within nature, striving to weave these elements into a tapestry that captures not only the visual beauty but also the spirit of renewal and growth that spring embodies.

Through my art, I aim to bring a piece of the Rocky Mountains into the homes of those who appreciate the elegance and complexity of nature. Each creation is a tribute to the rugged yet delicate ecosystem that inspires me daily and a testament to the enduring allure of the natural world.

vintage fur woven into a alpaca wool wall tapestry.

This piece and more are available at The Eagles Nest Merchantile in Eagles Nest, New Mexico. Start in June First Friday!

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