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Artfully Gifted

Why gift a bowl? The essence of love itself holds the key to the solution. Love is a shared food supply that gives stability and strength, and as it burns, it warms and illuminates us. Love is also open: open to receiving, open to receiving whatever comes, and open to life. Above all else, love is beauty: an interior truth that emerges from the human heart and demands to be expressed externally.

All of those realities are reflected in the meaning of a wooden bowl. A dish that is open and filled with food that everyone can share symbolizes love. A bowl represents love's power, durability, and capacity to enlighten and warm us when it is made of wood. A wooden bowl, which was created by hand after being conceptualized in the maker's mind, is also lovely.

Yes, you can present the happy newlyweds, couple or partner with a toaster. But if you want them to have something that physically expresses the most profound emotional realities, we advise getting them a wooden bowl, which is as old and eternal as love itself.

The wood you select can even convey a specific message because different woods all reflect different aspects of love.

Consider a large deep hand carved bowl that represent the openness , and large amount of love that it can hold. Or a long "Baguette Bowl" that can be a centerpiece of a table where the love may gather around and share in the love

of a meal.

Still thinking about

that toaster?

Then think about how much more economical a wooden bowl is: the bowl you give today will still be serving the children of people you gave it to decades after the best toaster has gone to that great Landfill in the Sky.

So allow me to hand-pick a present of exceptional value for you. The recipient will know you chose a present that's as unique as they are.

Hand carved wood bowl in a boutique for sale.
Shop a selection of wood bowl in person. Trinidad, Colorado

The Baguette Bowl carved from Juniper

Please feel free to inquire about bowl, trays and other products!

or shop in person Thursday-Saturday 10-4PM

149 E. Main St. #5

Trinidad, CO 81082

(Pop-up times to be announced on Instagram)

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